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Raymond Raya, an attorney who serves as the defense attorney in the township’s municipal court, called it “an honor.”

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Mr. Raymond Albert Raya, Esq. announced that the Seaside Heights Municipal Court dismissed the criminal complaint and other charges against his client, Nicole Polizzi. Raya and Polizzi appeared in court today to contest complaints issued by the Police Department in response to actions that allegedly occurred on the beach on July 30, 2010.

Speaking on behalf of his client, Mr. Raya stated, “We are pleased with today’s outcome before the court. Clearly, we were able to demonstrate in a decisive manner that Nicole’s conduct was never criminal. My client apologizes to anyone who was affected by her silliness that day and is ready to move past this incident.”

Mr. Raya also stated that the judges interpretation of his clients behavior was completely unjustified, “the silliness that occurred on July 30, 2010 was an isolated incident in an otherwise stellar life of community involvement and public service, any comparison to other celebrity difficulties with the law are at best misguided and unfair.”

In court, Ms. Polizzi did plead to a violation of local ordinance 33:8D. The ordinance states that an individual cannot interfere with the enjoyment of the quiet use of the beach or public boardwalk. The court assessed a penalty of $500.00 and imposed one day of community service for violation of this ordinance. The criminal charge that she was facing could have carried a sentence of thirty days in the county jail, probation and $500.00 penalty.

On July 30, 2010, a Seaside Heights Police officer arrested Polizzi and served her with a citation for criminal disorderly conduct as well as creating a public nuisance. Later the Police Department served Ms. Polizzi with an additional charge. Today, in a plea arrangement, as is routine in these cases, the court dismissed all these complaints.

Snooki’s Case

Well, the smoke has cleared and we were victorious on behalf of Nicole Polizzi – Snooki from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” reality program.  The criminal charge for Disorderly Conduct was dismissed.  This was an enormous victory for Nicole and well deserved.  At no time were her actions ever criminal.  She is now vindicated and she and her family are so thankful to everyone who showed their support.


I must give high praise to the Seaside Heights Municipal prosecutor Kim Pascarella.  He is a true gentleman and made the absolute right call in agreeing to dismiss the criminal charge.

Judge Damian Murray was also a man of his word by allowing the plea agreement to go forward.  However, his comments to Nicole were extremely off base.  Comparing her to Lindsay Lohan was clearly inappropriate.  Lohan has a track record with multiple stints in rehab with multiple violations of probation.  Snooki has no prior criminal history.  It was an unfair characterization and unprecedented in the case of a first offender.  Nonetheless it was a clear victory for us to negotiate only a $500 fine and two days community service on a noise violation.

In the final equation, all that matters is the best interests of the client and we protected Nicole’s.

As Mae West, the vaudeville star once said, “It ain’t no sin to crack a few laws now and again, as long as you don’t break any.”  Essentially, Snooki cracked but did not break the law.

Blog Introduction

Criminal and traffic defense.  It takes a special breed to handle the cases of the truly innocent, the downright guilty and those caught in the middle.  I have always believed that even those charged with the most serious of offenses can be forgiven and may be afforded a second chance.  History, literature, pop culture and our own personal experiences each have examples of how people can come back and be a source of good in our society.

This is what drives me.  I believe in each and everyone of my clients and their ability to change their lives around.  I also believe very strongly that I have the skill and the power of persuasion to help my clients find the right path.

My goal for everyone that comes before me is to have them fully employed, continuing their education, involved in public service and getting help if they have a substance abuse problem.  Each of these are important for personal and court purposes.

The Judge and Prosecutor, who will in part decide your case, are skeptical of every defendant that comes before them.  Who is this person really?  Are they guilty or innocent?  Are they deserving of a break?  If I give this break to this individual or find them innocent, will they go out and committ another offense that will embarass or subject them to ridicule.  These are the unwritten laws of court and they are ones that it is important to master.

As this blog continues in the future, I will use it as a space to share the important aspects of criminal and motor vehicle law as well as my opinions and advice about the state of the law in New Jersey.  I welcome and and all comments and questions about this website, blog or any other aspect of my practice or